Invisalign® Can Work for You

A vast majority of adults and adolescents can be treated with Invisalign®.

Invisalign® treats a wide variety of cases, including crowding, space closure, narrow arches, relapse, anterior intrusion, and limited treatment cases.

Match Your Teeth

Although only an Invisalign® certified dentist can determine if Invisalign® is right for you, there's a quick way to tell if you might be a candidate. Take a look at some of the past Invisalign® patients below.

Amy - Generalized Spacing

Treatment Time: 6 months
Aligners: 12 Upper, 7 Lower

Amy - BeforeAmy - After

Chris - Lower Spacing

Treatment Time: 9 months
Aligners: 19 Lower

Chris - BeforeChris - After

Mike - Lower Crowding, Upper Spacing

Treatment Time: 8 months
Aligners: 13 Upper, 13 Lower

Mike - BeforeMike - After

Jennifer - Crowding

Treatment Time: 22 months
Aligners: 44 Upper, 27 Lower

Jennifer - BeforeJennifer - After

Thomas - Crowding

Treatment Time: 14.5 months
Aligners: 28 Upper, 28 Lower

Thomas - BeforeThomas - After

Pat - Upper Spacing

Treatment Time: 6 months
Aligners: 13 Upper, 13 Lower

Pat - BeforePat - After

Michelle - Lower Crowding

Treatment Time: 9 months
Aligners: 15 Lower

Michelle - BeforeMichelle - After

David - Crooked Front Teeth

Treatment Time: 7 months
Aligners: 16 Upper

David - BeforeDavid - After

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